HDFC Sky Review 2024 – The All-in-One and Best Investment Account Review

In this article, let’s understand and see HDFC Sky Review in detail. HDFC Brokerage rates, demat account charges, how to open HDFC Sky Demat Account & much more


About HDFC Securities

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HDFC Sky, a subsidiary of HDFC Securities, is a leading stockbroker in India. It is also amongst the top discount brokers in India.

HDFC Sky offers a wide range of products like Stock Broking, Mutual Funds, IPOs, and US Stock Investing. It provides low-cost investment options in various products.

How to open an HDFC Sky Account

  • First, you need to visit the link to Open the Account
  • Fill in your details.
  • Enter the OTP received on your Email & Mobile.
  • Enter all your details like PAN, Aadhar, Bank details, Nominees, etc.
  • Once you submit the details, the back-office team will call you.
  • The back-office Team may ask you for PAN, Aadhar, Bank details, Nominees, etc. details to verify.
  • Your account will be opened once the entire process is completed.

HDFC Sky Charges

Once the Sky Demat account is opened, there are some charges associated with the Demat account; let’s check them now.

HDFC Securities Account Opening Charges

  • With HDFC, there are Zero (0) Demat account opening charges.

HDFC Sky AMC Charges

  • With HDFC Securities, the first-year AMC (Annual Maintenance Charge) is Zero (0).
  • From Second Year onwards, per month, AMC charges are Rs.20/-

HDFC Sky Brokerage Charges

Sky charges are very simple and straightforward. They have a simple and transparent pricing structure. Let’s see that below.

HDFC Securities SKY Brokerage Plans

Rs.20 Brokerage Plan

You can Buy any Stock, Currency, Commodity, Options, or Futures & pay a maximum of up to Rs.20 only!

Brokerage Charges:

Equity Brokerage

  • Equity Delivery Order/s: Rs.20 or 0.1% (Whatever is lower)
  • Equity Intraday Order/s: Rs.20 or 0.1% (Whatever is lower)

Derivatives Brokerage

  • Futures Intraday: Rs.20 or 0.1% (Whatever is lower)
  • Futures Carry Forward: Rs.20 or 0.1% (Whatever is lower)
  • Options Intraday: Rs.20 per Order
  • Options Carry Forwards: Rs.20 per Order

Commodity Brokerage

  • Futures Intraday: Rs.20 or 0.1% (Whatever is lower)
  • Futures Carry Forward: Rs.20 or 0.1% (Whatever is lower)
  • Commodity Options Intraday: Rs.20 per Order
  • Commodity Carry Forward: Rs.20 per Order

Currency Brokerage

  • Futures Intraday: Rs.20 or 0.1% (Whatever is lower)
  • Futures Carry Forward: Rs.20 or 0.1% (Whatever is lower)
  • Currency Options Intraday: Rs.20 per Order
  • Currency Options Carry Forward: Rs.20 per Order

US Stocks Brokerage

  • 5 Cents per Share

Other Brokerages

  • ETF Intraday: Rs.20 or 0.1% (Whatever is lower)
  • ETF Delivery: Rs.20 or 0.1% (Whatever is lower)
  • RMS Square Up (Additional): Rs.20 or 0.1% (Whatever is lower)

HDFC Demat & Broking Account Benefits

  • Most superior transparency with prices and brokerage plans.
  • Offers exposure or leverage up to 20X in Intraday trading.
  • User-friendly and easy-to-use trading platforms.
  • Offers competitive brokerage charges to traders.
  • Referral & Earning benefits.

SKY Demat & Trading Account Features

HDFC has various trading features & includes-

  • Easy account opening process.
  • Availability of various trading platforms.
  • Very good consulting on issues reported.
  • Hassle-free & paperless demat & trading account opening process.
  • PAN India’s presence, with multi-lingual support for trading.
  • Single margin trading account available for all segments like MCX & NSE & etc.
  • Fast Web & Mobile trading platforms for users.
  • Traders can place Bracket Orders, AMO Orders, & CO Orders.
  • Robo trading & Algo trading facilities for mobile & desktop applications.
  • Personalized Services & Support Availability.
  • You can pledge your Shares.

HDFC Customer Support

Every business becomes successful largely because of the customer support & service provided to them. This is also true in the case of stockbrokers as well. The various types of customer-related issues handled by HDFC are customer grievances, trading-related concerns, opening account issues, account debit-related issues & much more, and each can be picked by the clients. The customers can send their queries by email, phone, social media handles like Twitter and Facebook, and dedicated email IDs.

HDFC Securities Customer Care

HDFC SKY Customer Care Number: 1800 121 2109

HDFC Securities Customer Care Email:

HDFC Securities Products & Services

HDFC Services Offerings

Services offered by HDFC Sec

  • Demat Account
  • Trading Account
  • IPO Services
  • Intraday Trading
  • Delivery Trading
  • F&O Trading
  • Trading Exposure up to 20 times
  • US Equity

HDFC Sec Product Offerings

Products offered

  • Equity
  • Derivatives
  • Commodity
  • Currency

Conclusion About HDFC Securities SKY

HDFC SKY is one of the biggest brokerage firms and it has incredible features and offers. The firm has skyrocketed its client base with over many more lakh plus client base, performing exceptionally well in the all areas business. With the right combination of technology, assistance, and experience, HDFC provides the right trading atmosphere to its customers. You can prefer HDFC SKY as your Trading & Investing Partner.

SKY – Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

Is HDFC Securities SKY trustworthy?

Yes, HDFC Sec. SKY is a trusted & old brokerage house in India. They have PAN India physical branches in India across various states. HDFC Sec has registered office in Mumbai.

Is HDFC SKY better than Zerodha?

Both stockbrokers are biggest stock Brokers in India. Zerodha has an overall higher rating as compared to other discount brokers. The number of active customers for Zerodha is 66,80,710 plus, whereas the number of active customers for HDFC is more or similar.

What are the charges for Call & Trade?

HDFC charges customers Rs. 20 per call for Call & Trade.

Does HDFC offer Zero Brokerage?


What is MTF in HDFC SKY?

Margin Trade Facility in HDFC helps you to buy stocks by paying a partial amount against the total number of the shares. You can also pledge your stocks to avail facility of the collateral margin facility. 

What are DP maintenance charges in HDFC Securities SKY Account?

If you are an HDFC customer, you will be charged Rs. 20.

What is HDFC SKY Customer Care Number?

1800 121 2109

How to Download HDFC SKY Trading App

You can download it from here. Download Now.