Best Trading Apps in India 2024

Best Trading Apps in India, Top Tradings Apps in India

If you want to know the Best Trading Apps in India, read this article, and get the best Trading app for your trading & investing journey.

In earlier days, trading had been done on Paper; after that, it started getting done on Websites and Desktop Apps. But in recent days, Trading has evolved on Mobile Apps. Nowadays trading is entirely done on Mobile Apps, whether you are travelling, in office, or at home or anywhere, trading or investing in Stock Markets can be done on Mobile Apps.

We have already created a list of top stock brokers in India, but to know more about the Top Trading App, we have gathered information and are sharing Top Trading Apps in India 2024.

Top 10 Trading Apps in India 2024

RankTrading App NameGoogle Play store RatingDownload HereOpen Account Here
1Upstox Trading App4.4download nowRegister Now
2HDFC SKY Trading App4.3download nowRegister Now
3SAMCO Trading App4.4download nowRegister Now
4mStock Trading App4.3download nowRegister Now
55 Paisa Trading App4.3download nowRegister Now
6Motilal Oswal Trading App4.2download nowRegister Now
7ICICI Direct Trading App4.2download nowRegister Now
8Zerodha Kite Trading App4.0download nowRegister Now
9Alice Blue Ant Trading App4.1download nowRegister Now
10Bajaj Securities Trading App4.4download nowRegister Now
11PayTM Money Trading App3.9download nowRegister Now
12Dhan: Stock Market Trading App3.9download nowRegister Now
13Goodwill Broking – GIGA Trading App4.0download nowRegister Now
14Arihant Plus: Trade & Invest in Stocks, F&O3.7download nowRegister Now
The Best Trading Mobile Apps for Stocks, Mutual Funds, Curruncy, Commodities & F&O in India 2024

The Best Trading Apps

PayTM Money Trading App


Zerodha Kite

Upstox Pro

5 Paisa App



Bajaj Securities

Alice Blue App

ICICI Securities App

Motilal Oswal App

Edelweiss Trading App


Fyers App

Bigul App

Profit Mart App

Choice Broking

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